Pecan pie bars

Pecan pie bars

In partnership with my buddies at Diamond of California, of course.

Welcome to pie week recipe #3! However these aren’t shaped like your common pie, they’re every bit as mouthwatering in square kind. Especially when that square combines not only pecan pie + crust, but brown butter, high quality nuts, pure maple syrup for extra flavor, and a sprinkle of sea salt on prime.

It’s confirmed: diet plans do not stand a likelihood. Also, diet programs do not belong in pie!

Although I don’t generally like to stray from the classic, unadulterated pecan pie– I do think there is room for each conventional pecan pie (here’s my favorite pecan pie recipe!) and jazzy pecan pie. Who doesn’t want a little jazzy each and every now and then??

Let’s start with the crust– the brown butter crust. Brown butter brings a whole new degree of flavor to the bars. It’s the identical crust as my salted caramel apple pie bars, only doubled to make a bigger batch and– of course– made with brown butter. All you’ll do is brown some butter on the stovetop, then combine it with sugar, vanilla, salt, and flour. The basic round-up of substances. Press it into the pan and pre-bake for a number of minutes even though you make the pecan pie topping.

Here’s a full tutorial on how to brown butter. It’s swift and easy.

Check out all individuals flavorful brown butter specks.

Easy stuff in the filling like butter, brown sugar, maple syrup, cream, and eggs. Diet plan bars, don’t forget? You know the drill– brown butter for ideal taste. I chose to make these pecan pie bars with out corn syrup and formulate a way to have maple syrup get the job done. It performs like a charm here. You’ll boil butter, brown sugar, maple syrup, and cream together into a syrup– then temper the eggs. Now prior to you go operating at the term “tempering” let’s chat about it for a 2nd.

Tempering means you’ll include a hot liquid to the beaten eggs. If you include the eggs straight to the pot of boiling ingredients– guess what? You’ll have some funky scrambled egg sauce. By slowly whisking *some* of the scorching syrup into the beaten eggs, you are gradually bringing up their temperature– not shocking them. And then you’ll gradually drizzle and whisk that warm egg mixture into the pot. This way you’re avoiding that funky scrambled egg circumstance that sounds, and probably is, horrifying.

Stir in the pecans– and make sure they’re higher top quality like our favorites by Diamond of California. Then spread the topping onto the crust. Don’t be alarmed if the pecan topping is as well syrup-y. It will cook just fine!

Is there a brown butter pecan pie scented candle somewhere? Maybe with a hint of maple? Because I want to smell these pecan pie bars baking all day extended. I’m fired up for you to knowledge it.

The flavors marry collectively wonderfully in between the brown butter, maple, toasty pecans, and brown sugar. I’m not a fan of cloyingly sweet pecan pie, so I extra a sprinkle of sea salt on top of the baked bars. They’re crunchy in some locations, soft in other folks. Moist with huge chunks of delightful pecans on a bed of brown butter. It most surely doesn’t get much better than this.

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