Pickled okra

Pickled okra

Get pleasure from a tiny taste of summer season all year. Make your very own Pickled Okra with tender young pods of okra preserved in a brine with garlic, dill, and peppercorns.

Here’s another small bit of southern deliciousness for you today – Pickled Okra! You know how I enjoy canning in the summer season. I nearly constantly make some Strawberry Jam and our favourite Kosher Dills along with a very good Basic Salsa recipe. We’re already enjoying all of people this year.

I even now need to have to make a couple of jars of my Sugar-Cost-free Bread and Butter Pickles and may possibly even have to make a couple of much more jars of the kosher dills if I can get my hands on any pickling cukes this late in the season.

My Preferred Canning Recipe

But I can’t allow the summer season end without sharing my recipe for Pickled Okra. This is my individual favored. I’ll breeze right by a dill pickle if there’s pickled okra about. I enjoy it with a sandwich or just as an accompaniment to some very good, outdated-fashioned southern vegetables. It’s also a excellent addition to an antipasto platter.

When I get ready to make pickled okra, I hand pick every pod for the recipe. Actually. I literally stand there in the generate aisle or the farmer’s industry and select every single pod because I want them to be younger, tender, and no longer than the depth of a pint jar. It usually takes amongst 1 one/2 to 2 lbs to make 3 pints.

You’ll have to use your cook’s judgment primarily based on the okra that is accessible to you. If you have leftovers, so significantly the greater! Slice it, dredge it in some cornmeal and fry it up!

Put together the Equipment

Start off by preparing the jars, rings, and lids in accordance to normal canning procedure. If you haven’t canned before, or if it’s been a although given that your final canning session, please overview the procedure and get all your equipment ready before you commence.

One particular of the best sources for new and seasoned canners alike is the Ball Blue Book. It’s published by the folks who make the Ball canning jars. It’s obtainable in plenty of areas and on the world wide web at amazon.com.

Some other very good on the internet assets are:

The National Center for House Food Preservation even gives a free on-line program in foods preservation. It’s nicely worth the time for the quantity of data you get!

How to Make Pickled Okra:

My recipe tends to make 3 pints. Really feel totally free to double it if you want a lot more!

Prepare the Okra and spices

Wash the okra in cold water. Trim the cut ends only if needed.

Get your spices ready. You’re going to need to have canning salt, dill seed, total peppercorns, and garlic cloves. Peel the garlic, but depart it total. Umm…can you just pretend that there is some salt in that photo? It was sitting off to the side…oops.

Fill the Jars

Into the sterile jars, pack as numerous pods of okra as achievable with the suggestions pointing up.

To every single jar include 1 teaspoon of canning salt, 1 entire garlic clove, 1 teaspoon of dill seed and 1/four teaspoon of complete peppercorns.

Finish packing the jars as totally as attainable with extra okra, tips down, fitting the pods in tightly but taking care not to crush the okra.

Carry the vinegar and water to a boil. Fill jars with the vinegar and water mixture to inside of 1/4 inch of the rim.

Close the Jars and Procedure in Water Bath

Location the lids and rings on the jars and method in a boiling water bath for ten minutes.

Allow Cooling Time

Eliminate the jars from the canner and enable them to cool fully. Discover the big difference in shade after they come out of the canner. The okra has taken on a stunning olive green shade.

Allow the pickles sit for about a month to attain the very best taste.