Reuben sandwich

Reuben sandwich

It’s a sandwich in the most traditional sense of sandwiches. But it is so much more than that. It’s grilled and cheesy plus crunchy and gooey. Pass the napkins.

It’s a sandwich in the classical sense of sandwiches. But it is so considerably a lot more than that.

It’s grilled. It’s cheesy. It’s crunchy and gooey all at the identical time. It begs to be dipped into matzo ball soup, and in our family members, it is.

And it’s probably the only sandwich I truthfully, critically crave.

I bet you know that feeling. That gut-wrenching, I DON’T CARE IF I’M ON A Diet, mouth-watering-when-you-believe-about-it CRAVING. For the adore of God, just give me a bite!

And more napkins. Lots a lot more napkins.

I grew to become a reuben aficionado in 4th grade or so. That’s about the time my mom and I began going on shopping dates. We would drive to the large city of Salt Lake to window store the place I’d try to persuade her to get me an iron-on-Farrah Fawcett-emblazoned t-shirt, and she’d consider to persuade me to put on culottes. Annnnnnd, they’re back. Ugh.

Following buying we often created time for lunch. I feel that secretly that buying was just an excuse to lunch. We most always ended up at The Pub, generally for adults only, but because I was with mom, I received in as well.

That’s the place I had my first Reuben. It was lifestyle-altering and spoiled me for any other sandwich eclipsing that meaty, sauerkraut bite among two slices of rye bread. Other people would solidly stand permanently in the shadows of it’s sandwich greatness.

So when it comes time for the St. Patrick’s Day and the chance to break out the slow cooker to make my favourite slow cooker corned beef, I Constantly plan on sandwiches right after.

Yes, I’ll even gyp family members on their serving of corned beef if I see we’re working low on leftovers for sandwich fixins’.

They often thank me later.

About the Recipe

To commence off this killer sandwich, I constantly opt for corned beef rather than pastrami. As I mentioned above, I commence off with homemade corned beef rather than what you may find at the deli. I simply choose the meatier chunks instead of thin, shaved slices. If I have added jus left in excess of from cooking my corned beef, I save it individually and warm the corned beef in the jus to moisten and flavor it just before layering it on the bread. Otherwise a rapid zap in the microwave performs for warming it up for me.

My edition of the ideal reuben is all about the fixins’, of which there are number of, making it a really straightforward sandwich to make.

One of the crucial elements is a actually excellent rye bread. It can occasionally be a challenge to uncover a good, thick sliced rye bread but if you search out a nearby bakery, you will hopefully uncover yourself in luck. The rye seeds with bits of caraway add the unique herby flavor to any reuben. I identified my Rye Swirl Pullman bread from our nearby Stoneground Bakery. I think about it’s a lot more plentiful during March when reubens are in higher demand so it’s less difficult to discover.

Subsequent up is the cheese. I utilised a sliced swiss cheese for this sandwich and put a slice on the two the bottom piece of the bread and the leading piece of bread. The melted cheese acts as a barrier so your bread won’t get soggy if you take place to add a small further jus or sauerkraut juice. Just sayin’ you might.

A homemade Russian dressing ties this sandwich together. I kind of gag at the believed that I employed to make this salad dressing for myself at dinner time as a kid and called it Thousand Island dressing, slathering it on iceberg lettuce and cucumbers. So gourmet! These days I save it particularly for this sandwich. My secret ingredient is a tablespoon of pickle juice. It adds just the right vinegar kick.

Be certain to drain the sauerkraut properly so your sandwich isn’t soggy. If you aren’t a fan of sauerkraut, attempt utilizing coleslaw as an alternative. This is my preferred homemade coleslaw recipe.

Keep in mind to butter the outsides of your bread prior to stacking your sandwich substantial and butter the outdoors of the bread so the dents and crevasses of your break align as if they have been still in loaf formation.

I use a cast iron skillet and cook my sandwiches in excess of medium lower heat, just large sufficient to melt the cheese and gently toast the bread.

If you make this recipe, please allow me know! Depart a comment under or get a photo and tag me on Instagram with #foodiecrusheats.