Smoked turkey recipes

Smoked turkey recipes

This smoked turkey recipe is a entire turkey that’s coated in homemade spice rub then slow smoked to tender and juicy perfection. A super easy and amazing vacation principal course that won’t take up any oven room!

Hunting for one thing a tiny distinct than your standard roasted turkey? This smoked turkey is a exclusive and demonstrate stopping Thanksgiving meal, but it’s simple sufficient that even a novice cook can generate a lovely and scrumptious end end result.

I love to make a turkey for the holidays, but I don’t adore how it takes up all my oven area for hours and hours on the huge day. As an alternative of roasting my turkey, I’ve started out producing a smoked turkey and the end end result is nothing quick of fabulous.

How do you smoke a turkey?

The initial stage is to put together your turkey for the smoker. You can use a fresh turkey or a frozen turkey that’s been entirely thawed. It’s ideal to use a smaller turkey in the 10-twelve pound range. If you go with a larger turkey, you run into the possible for meals safety concerns. A turkey need to pass by way of the temperature selection from forty-140 degrees F within 4 hrs of being in the smoker, otherwise it could begin to spoil just before it cooks through.

I like to stuff the cavity of my turkey with aromatics, and then coat the outdoors of the turkey in my homemade BBQ rub. For extra moisture and taste, you can brine the turkey just before prepping it for the smoker.

How lengthy does it get to smoke a turkey?

Smoking a turkey can be a extended method, so be positive to begin early in the day so that the turkey will be done by dinner time. Typically, it will take at least 6 hours to smoke an common sized turkey at 250 degrees F. Prepare on getting your turkey cook for about thirty minutes per pound.

What type of wood is very best for smoking a turkey?

I like to use apple wood to smoke poultry, as it imparts a mild and sweet taste. Apple wood is readily accessible in most merchants. Other excellent alternatives are cherry wood or hickory.

When is a smoked turkey completed?

A turkey is accomplished when a thermometer inserted into the thickest element of the thigh registers 165 degrees F. I use a digital thermometer that I leave in the turkey while it smokes so I can keep track of the progress with a temperature remote from the home.

Do you have to baste a turkey?

I desire to baste my smoked turkey since no a single needs a dry turkey! I occasionally baste the turkey with a minor chicken broth as it cooks to make sure a moist end result. If you’ve brined your turkey prior to hand, you can skip the basting step.

How a lot turkey per individual?

You can estimate the size of turkey that you want by planning on one particular pound of turkey per individual. If you want a good deal of turkey left above, plan on 1 one/two pounds of turkey per individual.

The end end result is a beautifully browned turkey that’s tender, juicy and total of taste. You can never ever go incorrect with a smoked turkey, and I love that it frees up my oven room to bake the sides and desserts for the huge meal.